• Toniko Manning Brown Is A Childcare Professional With Ample Experience

  • Posted on November 30, 2015
  • Toniko Manning Brown has spent the last thirteen years running Little Beautiful Minds. She is a childcare professional with a wealth of experience in the field. This has enabled her to handle an array of situations over the course of her career. Toniko Manning Brown conducts herself as a professional who has run Little Beautiful Minds capably. It is a successful childcare center not because it is profitable, which it is, but because it produces pupils who understand the importance of listening and following instructions.

    Toniko Manning Brown has never really had to do marketing for Little Beautiful Minds. This is because the facility has been met with consistent organic growth over the last decade or so. Toniko Manning Brown founded Little Beautiful Minds in 2002 and has since served as Executive Director. Since that time, the facility has gradually been expanding. This growth has been so impressive that the company has had to move twice and is now in its third location. The newest location of Little Beautiful Minds is at 5959 Veterans Memorial Boulevard, in Metairie, Louisiana. This is the former location of a Celebration Station, so there is plenty of room to be used. Little Beautiful Minds is currently the largest privately owned childcare facility in the Greater New Orleans Area.

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